Brother Rice High School has 43 Camps Open for Registration

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Band (6th-8th)

Baseball + Football Combo (3rd - 8th)

Baseball - Incoming Freshmen

Baseball - Session I (6th-8th)

Baseball - Session II (3rd - 5th)

Basketball - 4th-6th - 2 Week Combo

Basketball - 7th-8th - 2 Week Combo

Basketball - Incoming Freshmen

Basketball - Session I A (4th-6th)

Basketball - Session I B (7th-8th)

Basketball - Session II A (4th-6th)

Basketball - Session II B (7th-8th)

Boys Camp - Session I

Boys Camp - Session I and II

Boys Camp - Session I and III

Boys Camp - Session II

Boys Camp - Session II and III

Boys Camp - Session III

Boys Camp - Session I, II, and III

Cheer Camp

Esports (6th-8th)

Esports (Incoming Freshmen)

Football - Session IA (3rd-5th)

Football - Session I B (6th-8th)

Golf (7th-9th)

Hockey - 7th-8th Grade

I Hate Writing Essays (6th-8th)

Lacrosse (4th-6th)

Lacrosse (7th-9th)

Mental Math Camp (4th-9th)

Robotics Camp (7th-8th)

Rugby (1st-9th)

Soccer (5th - 8th)

Soccer - Incoming Freshmen

Speed Training for Athletes (6th-9th)

Sports Broadcasting (6th-8th)

Swimming (5th-12th)

Tennis (6th-8th)

Volleyball - 4th-6th

Volleyball - 7th-8th

Volleyball - Incoming Freshmen

Water Polo 6th-12th

Wrestling- 3rd-8th Grade